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Level 3 - Work

Verb Phrase

Learn what verb phrase is and how it will make grammatical structures easier.

My sister doesn't like vegetables because our mum made her eat lots.


Nouns - Countable and Uncountable

Part 2 of 'countable' and 'uncountable' nouns. Understand how furniture, fruit, homework and clothes are uncountable and how we can count them.

There is a lot of furniture in the room.


Used to

There are many rules about using the grammar 'used to' - explore them here.

I used to grab lunch at my desk.


If - second conditional

This is a very challenging piece of grammar. If something was to happen in the future, how could you say what else could happen.

If you baked cupcakes, I would eat one.


Have to / Must

What's the difference between: 'have to', 'must', 'must not' and 'don't have to'. Find out here.

A nurse has to take care of patients.


Past Continuous

Learn how to say that an action in the past went on for a long time.

I was answering the phone from 9:00am to 7:00pm.


Was going to

This is an action that you intended or wanted to but did not.

He was going to write an article about computers.



The focus will be on the time adverbial 'when' and how to use it with nouns, adjectives and verb phrases.

When my sister was 17 she moved to Spain.



Contrast two actions and say that one happened 'before' the other.

Before I go to Italy, I will study Italian.



Contrast two actions and say one happened after the other.

I studied Italian after I went to Italy.


Past Perfect Simple

The past perfect simple is used to link two events together.

I had not marked the books because I went to the hospital.


Future Continous

Learn how to say an action in the future will take a long time. Practice with positive, negatives and questions.

I will be fixing your laptop tonight.


I want you to

A soft command, used to ask someone to do something.

I want you to go for an x-ray.



A strong command, used to tell someone to do something.

Take out your pencil case.


Thinking about

Used to say that you are 'thinking about' an action in the future. You may do it, you may not do it.

I'm thinking about having it shorter.

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