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I want you to...

Subject + want + noun + to + present form verb phrase

Young Doctor

I want you to take this medicine twice a day.



Subject + want + noun + to + present form verb phrase

The subject wants the noun to do an action.

It is a command.

I want you to eat it all.

The mother wants the baby to eat dinner.

Feeding the Toddler

We can say it from the position of the baby.

My mum wants me to eat it all.

The subject does not change (mum) but what she is called does depending on who say is it.

The father wants the child to wash their hands.

Image by CDC

I want you to wash your hands.

My dad wants me to wash my hands.

Image by Chris Yang

The fishermen want the weather to get better.

We want the weather to get better.


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Vocabulary - Verbs


Smiling Doctor

NOTE: It is 'an' x-ray because when you say 'x' it is this phonetically /ex/ and so has the 'n' for 'an'.

I want you to go for an x-ray.

Senior Man

x-ray / for / go / you

Smiling Doctor