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Noun phrase

Start with a simple sentence about The Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London started at a bakery.

Add another fact using a relative clause.

The Great Fire of London, which happened in 1666, started at a bakery.

What is a 'noun'?

Nouns are:


London City



Things / Objects

Click here if you are unsure what a noun is.

What is a 'noun phrase'?

Noun phrase = determiner + noun

A cat = A + cat

The pen = The + pen

My house = My + house

Some books = Some + books

This plate = This + plate

Review of determiners

A or The
  • 'A / An' is one of many.

Can I have a yellow sweet please?

Yes, here you are.

There are four yellow sweets and four purple sweets. The boy wants a (one of four) yellow sweet.

  • 'The' is one of one