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Verb - to wear


Present tense - wear

We wear white shirts

Let's break it down.

Subject + present tense verb + nounnoun phrase

We wear white shirts.

I wear a white shirt. 

She wears a white shirt.

He wears a white shirt.

You wear a white shirt.

It wears a white shirt.

Note that the subjects (he, she and it) change the verb so there is an 's' at the end. 


A: What does he wear everyday?

B: He wears black shoes. 

Past tense - wore

She wore a jumper

Let's break it down.

Subject + past form verb + nounnoun phrase

She wore a jumper.

I wore a jumper.

She wore a jumper.

He wore a jumper.

You wore a jumper.

It wore a jumper.


A: What did he wear last week?

B: He wore a blue jumper and a green hat.

Continuous tense - wearing

They are wearing jeans

Let's break it down.

Subject + verb 'be' + continuous tense verb + nounnoun phrase

They are wearing jeans.

I am wearing jeans.

She is wearing jeans.

He is wearing jeans.

You are wearing jeans.

It is wearing jeans.


A: What are you wearing?

B: I'm wearing a red dress and red trainers. 

A: Are you wearing a tie?

B: Yes, I'm wearing a blue one.  

A: What are your parents wearing? 

B: They are wearing t-shirts.

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