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to lift

to move something higher (physical or feeling), to remove a restriction

Present form
Past form
Continuous form
Past Participle form
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Present form


At the gym I lift a heavy ball.

She lifts my spirit when I see her.

A: What do you do at the gym?
B: At the moment I can't lift weights because I have a bad shoulder.
A: So what do you do?
B: I run on the treadmill or use the exercise bike.

Past form


On the train I lifted the suitcases for a couple with a baby.

The Government lifted the restrictions on people seeing each other.

A: How was the party?
B: Not great, to be honest.
A: Oh, that's a shame.
B: Yes, but I lifted the mood with a few jokes.
A: Were they funny?
B: I thought so.

Continuous form


We are not lifting any more today! We are so tired.

The President is lifting the ban on gambling.

A: What are you doing?
B: I'm lifting weights at home.
A: Why not at the gym?
B: It's closed today.

Past participle


I've lifted all those pieces of wood.

Using the machines he's lifted hundreds of bricks into the lorry.

A: Hi, I'm William. Nice to meet you. Are you moving in?
B: Hi, I'm Jess. Nice to meet you too. Yes I am. I've lifted boxes all day - I'm so tired.
A: It's tiring isn't it. Can I help lift anything?
B: Oh no, that's okay. Thank you though.

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