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to camp

to live for a time in a tent, usually on holiday

Present form
Past form
Continuous form
Past Participle form
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Present form


My kids camp every weekend.

I don't like to camp.

A: I'm tired of walking.
B: Should we camp here?
A: Yeah, let's do it.

Past form


I camped in France for two weeks.

She camped when she travelled in south east Asia.

A: How was your trip to Spain?
B: It was lovely thank you.
A: Where did you stay?
B: We actually camped most of the time.

Continuous form


I'm camping in Italy now.

We were camping for most of our trip.

A: (yawns)
B: Why so tired?
A: My son wanted to camp in the back garden last night?
A: Nice. Did he?
B: Yes but he wanted me there too.
A: So you were camping last night?
B: Yes, and I didn't get any sleep.

Past participle


I've camped in so many places, especially in the UK.

My family always used to camp when I was young so, as an adult, I've never camped.

A: Where have you been?
B: I went camping with my friends.
A: Have you camped before?
B: Yeah, I've camped in the past but never really enjoyed it.

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