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"kind of"

Learn how to use the expression 'kind of'.

1. What kind of + noun

This asks for a specific information from within a category

What kind of books do you like?

This is asking the genre or style of books you like. The category is 'books' and you're asking which specific books.

A: What kind of books do you like?

B: I like American classics and history books.

A: What kind of music do you like?

B: I like pop, rock and some classical.

What kind of job do you want?

This asks the type of job you want.

A: What kind of job do you want?

B: I want to work in retail.

A: What kind of food do you want?

B: I'd love Italian food.

What kind of holiday do you usually go on?

This asks the type or style of holiday you go on.

A: What kind of holiday do you usually go on?

B: We usually go on all-inclusive holidays.

A: What kind of computer do you use?

B: I use a Windows laptop.

What kind of place is London?

We're asking for a description of London.

A: What kind of place is London?

B: London is a diverse and interesting place, full of history.

A: What kind of shop is this?

B: This a very expensive shop.

2. Kind of.

We can say 'kind of' on its own. It means 'to some extent' / 'to some degree' / 'almost correct'.

A: You live in London, right?

B: Kind of. I live just outside London.

A: Are you working this weekend?

B: Kind of. I'm working on Saturday but not Sunday.

3. Subject + kind of + adjective

We can use 'kind of' with an adjective to mean 'not exact', 'not quite', 'a little different'.

It's kind of spicy.

This means it is 'spicy' but not a normal spicy.

The film was kind of scary.

This means that the film was scary but not in the usual way.

The band made kind of a strange album.

This means the album was strange and it's difficult to explain why. Maybe it's similar to their previous music but there's something different.

You can reword these so the 'kind of' is in a different place.

It's spicy, kind of.

It was kind of a scary film.

The band's album was kind of strange.

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