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In this blog we will look at the different ways to use the word 'just'.

With verbs

I just caught the bus.

Meaning 1 - you did the action recently

This means that the action in the past (caught) happened very close to 'now'.

I just finished dinner.

She just watched the film.

He just went out.

Meaning 2 - apologising for your action

Often people use 'just' to apologise for an action they, or someone else, do.

on the telephone

A: Hey. How are you?

B: I'm well thanks. I can't talk now. I just caught the bus.

A: Oh, okay. Ring me soon.

at the door - parent and child

A: Is Steven in?

B: He is but he is just having dinner.

A: Can you tell him we're playing in the field?

B: Of course.

in the office

A: Are you coming to the pub?

B: I'm just in the middle of something. Will you be there in an hour?

A: Yeah, should be.

*in the middle of something = doing something

With nouns

I just had a slice of pizza.

Meaning 1 - the quantity of the noun was small

at a restaurant

A: The pizza was £10 so you owe me £5.

B: No I don't. I just had a slice.

A: Did you?

B: Yes.

A: Okay. Give me £1 then.

at home

A: Where have all the chocolates gone?

B: I don't know. I just had three or four.

A: Maybe it was C?

C: It wasn't me!

on the phone

A: Are you going to David's party tonight?

B: Yeah, I'll go for a bit.

A: Just an hour or so?

B: Yeah, about that.

Meaning 2 - over or under an amount by small amount

It is just over 10°C.

It is just under 60°F.

I'm paid just over £15 per hour.

She's given me just under £250 for the television.

John has got just over 150 books.

The essay has a word limit of 3000 but I've written just over that.

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