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Verb - to live

Present tense - live
to live

Let's break it down.

Subject + verb + place / object / person

I live in London.

She lives in London.

He lives in London.

They live in London.

We live in London.

You live in London.

It lives in London.

Note that the subjects (he, she and it) change the verb so there is an 's' at the end of the work 'wake'. 


A: Where do you live?

B: I live in Tokyo. 

A: Where does your family live?

B: They live in Cambridge. 

A: Who do you live with?


B: I live with my family.


To make the negative use this form:

Subject + do not / does not + live + place / object / person

I do not live in Paris.

She does not live in Paris.

He does not live in Paris.

They do not live in Paris.

We do not live in Paris.

You do not live in Paris.

It does not live in Paris.

Note that it is 'does not' for the subjects 'he', 'she' and 'it'. It is 'do not' for all other subjects

Questions (?)

To make a question use this form:

Do / Does + subject + live + place / object / person

Do you live with your family?

Does she live with your family?

Does he live with your family?

Do they live with your family?

Do we live with your family?

Do I live with your family?

Does it live with your family?

Note that it is 'Does' for the subject 'he', 'she' and 'it'. It is 'Do' for all other subjects

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