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Using like

Find out how to use 'like'. Learn another word for like, the meaning of like and questions, such as 'do you like?'.

Vocabulary - nouns

Note: we 'go on' safaris and cruises.

I like to go on cruises. 

She likes going on safaris. 

Vocabulary - adjectives

Like - verb

The noun is usually in the plural form.

Subject + like + noun / noun phrase

Jane likes hot weather.

Billy likes rides.

Kate likes interesting museums.

Like Exercises

Add an adjective


He likes pizza.

Ben likes pizza.

Ben likes delicious pizza.


He likes suits.

David likes suits.


David likes grey suits.



She likes wine

Lola likes wine.


Lola likes white wine.



She likes shoes

Nancy likes shoes.


Nancy likes yellow shoes.



Gerunds are a type of noun. It is made when a verb is made into a noun by adding 'ing'.

eat - eating

drink - drinking

wear - wearing


Vocabulary - Gerunds

Like + gerund exercises

Subject + like + gerund

I like gerund

I like baking.

They like gerund

We like swimming.

He likes gerund

I like skiing.


We can list gerunds we like using commas (,) and an 'and' at the end.

I like reading


I like exercising

I like reading and exercising.

I like reading
I like exercising


I like dancing

I like readingexercising and dancing.

I like baking
I like swimming


I like going to restaurants

I like baking, swimming and going to restaurants.


going to...

I like cooking
I like sunbathing


I like skiing

I like cooking, sunbathing and skiing.


We can extend the sentence by adding a noun or noun phrase at the end.

Subject + like + gerund + noun or noun phrase

My wife likes gerund

My wife + likes + baking + delicious cakes

My wife likes baking delicious cakes.

He likes gerund

He likes reading old books.

Answer - old books

He likes reading interesting books.

Answer - interesting books
She likes gerund

She likes wearing big jumpers.

Answer - big jumpers

She likes wearing blue jumpers.

Answer - blue jumpers

She likes wearing big blue jumpers.

Answer - two adjectives

Like + to verb exercises

We can also use like with verbs.

Subject + like + to + present form verb

I like infinitive

I like to read

She likes infinative

She likes to eat

We can extend the sentence by adding a noun or noun phrase at the end.

Subject + like + to + present tense verb + noun / noun phrase

He likes infinitive

He + likes + to + wear + baseball caps

He likes to wear baseball caps.

They like infinitive

They like to do their homework.

Answer - They / homework
Image by Ben White

They like to wear dresses.

Answer - dresses

They like to do wear big hats.

Answer - big hats

They like to wear dresses and big hats.

Answer - dresses and big hats

Like can be made stronger, or weaker:

Cheetahs on Safari

😃Love                       I love safaris.

🙂Like                        I like safaris.

😐Don’t mind             I don't mind safaris

🙁Don’t like               I don't like safaris.

☹️Hate                       I hate safaris. 

Like Exercises



He hates

Simon hates ties.



She doesn't mind

Lacey doesn't mind her old books.



He loves

Joe loves new phones.

Answer - new phones



She likes

Katherine likes big hats.


(big hat)



He doesn't like

Richard doesn't like beaches.

Answer - beaches


She likes baking.

She likes gerund

She really likes baking.

She really likes gerund

Adding really between the subject and the verb strengthens the feeling. 

I like wearing a new shirt. 

I really like wearing a new shirt. 

She loves pizza. 

She really loves pizza. 

We don't like going to the train station. 

We really don't like going to the train station. 

like to verb vs like gerund

I like infinitive

Subject + like + to + verb

I + like + to + ski

I like to ski.

I like gerund

Subject + like + gerund

I + like + skiing

I like skiing.

There is no difference in meaning. 

Subject + like + to + verb = more formal

Extend your sentence with chunks of grammar

Time Chunk

I like drinking coffee.

I like drinking coffee in the morning.

I like drinking coffee at 8:30am.

I  like drinking delicious coffee at the weekend.

Frequency Chunk

I love going to the gym.

I love going to the gym every day

I love going to the gym every Sunday morning.

I love going to the gym twice a month.

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