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Used to

Twenty years ago...

My life was very different twenty years ago. I didn't live where I do now. I used to live in a big city but now I live in a tiny village. My job's different too. I'm now a teacher but I used to be an accountant. When I was an accountant, I used to spend loads of money on food and wine but now I can't. Teachers don't earn a lot of money. As a teacher I don't have to work long hours but I used to as an accountant. Holidays are different too. I used to go to luxury beach resorts. Now, I can only afford to go on local holidays.


Where does the writer live now?


In a tiny village.

What did the writer do in the past?


They were an accountant.

True or false: they used to spend a lot of money on food and wine?



Do they spend lots of money on food and wine now?



What kind of working hours did the writer used to do?


Long working hours.

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