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Thinking about


I'm going to decorate my flat but I don't know what style. I'm thinking about doing a bedroom in a dark green with white furniture. The other bedroom will be in a bright yellow. Then, I'm thinking about making the living room art deco in style. For the bathroom, I'm thinking about having a walk-in shower, white units but all tiled in huge grey tiles.


Is it certain that the person will decorate their flat?


Not certain - 'am going to' is about 90% certain.

What are the two colours the person is thinking about painting their bedrooms?


Dark green and bright yellow

What style is the person thinking about having the living room?


Art deco.

The bathroom will be done using what kind of tiles?


Huge grey tiles.

If they changed their mind - what part of the grammar would change: subject / verb 'be' / thinking about?


Verb 'be' - I 'was' thinking about...

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