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Past perfect simple


Steph: Oh no. That looks painful. How did it happen?
Tony: Well, I was sitting at home when it happened. I had just finished dinner and picked up my glass of wine. The wine glass slipped out of my hand, spun and broke on the floor. I carefully got up and collected all the little pieces of glass. I thought I had collect all of them but one small piece was on the floor. I stepped backwards and my foot scraped along the piece of glass, leaving a big cut.


When did the accident happened: before or after dinner?


After dinner.

What caused the glass to break?


The wine glass slipped out of Tony's hand.

Had Tony collected all the pieces of glass?


No ("I thought I had = I hadn't).

Where was the last piece of glass?


Behind him.

What did the glass leave behind?


A big cut.

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