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If - second conditional

Holly: I don't know where to go on holiday.
Iain: What are you thinking?
Holly: Somewhere in Europe: Italy, Spain, England or France.
Iain: Wow. A lot of choice.
Holly: Yeah. If I went to Italy, I could see the ruins. However, if I went to Spain, I could eat delicious tapas.
Iain: True, but if you went to France, you would definitely eat delicious food.
Holly: I wouldn't eat delicious food if I went to England.
Iain: Ha! No. You might see the Queen if you went to England.
Holly: Yeah, I might.


What are Holly's holiday choices?


Italy, Spain, England and France.

Why would Holly want to go to Italy?


To see the ruins.

What could Holly do if she went Spain?


Eat tapas.

What wouldn't Holly do if she went to England?


Eat delicious food.

Why did Iain use the model verb 'might' when he said 'you might see the Queen'?


Because there are only two options: you see the Queen or you don't see the Queen.

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