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Cooking tips

Here are my favourite tips when you cook for guests at home.

1. Before you bake anything, you should weigh all the ingredients out. You don't want to weigh things when other things are cooking.
2. Cook the onions before the garlic. Garlic cooks quicker so putting it in at the same time as the onions will overcook it.
3. Before you serve your food, taste it. Then you can add salt and pepper, if you need to.
4. Make sure you ask your guests about allergies before thinking about your meal.


What should you do before you start baking?


Weigh all the ingredients.

Which is cooked first: onion or garlic?



Before you serve food, what must you do?


Taste it so you can add salt or pepper.

Before you think about your meal, what should you do?


Ask guests if they have any allergies.

Why do you cook onion before garlic?


Because onions take longer to cook than garlic.

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