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Lunch time at a conference

Oscar: What are you guys doing after this?
Peter: After this, I'm going home to sleep. I was up too early this morning.
Oscar: What about you, Raquel?
Raquel: I was going to the gym after this but I don't think I have the energy. This is so boring.
Peter: It is! We could go for a drink in the pub after we finish the conference.
Raquel: That's a good idea.
Oscar: Can we go for dinner after the pub? I'll be so hungry by then.
Peter: Sounds good to me.
Raquel: Yeah, let's do it.


When are the three going for dinner?


After they have been to the pub.

When are the three going to the pub?


After the conference.

What was Raquel going to do after the conference?


She was going to the gym.

Why isn't she doing that?


She doesn't have the energy.

What does Raquel think of the conference?


It's boring.

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