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to compose

to write or create (especially music)

Present form
Past form
Continuous form
Past Participle form
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Present form


I try to compose a song every week.

She composes lyrics to music.

A: What do you do?
B: I compose music for TV and adverts.
A: That sounds like fun.
B: It's the best job.

Past form


I composed a song about you.

Mozart composed a lot of music.

A: Hey. How's it going?
B: Okay thanks. I'm busy now.
A: With what?
B: I composed some music and now I'm writing the lyrics.
A: What's the song going to be about?
B: Spring.

Continuous form


I'm composing some music for a school play.

Mozart was composing music from when he was 6 years old.

A: What did you do over the summer?
B: I was composing a piece of music for a new TV show.
A: Wow. I didn't know you could do that.
B: It was hard at first but then I got into it.

Past participle


I've composed a lot of music but none of it is popular.

Beethoven has composed plenty of music especially symphonies.

A: What's wrong? Why are you crying?
B: I had composed a lot of music on my computer but have lost it.
A: How?
B: My computer got a virus so I needed to delete everything.

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