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What do our lessons look like?

We have two types of lesson:

  • Private one-to-one

  • ​Group (maximum of 6)


Have a private lesson and choose what you learn. You can pick from one of our exisiting lessons or choose something specific to you. 

48-hours notice is needed for the subject of the lesson so our teachers can prepare.


With our group lessons you can either join for one lesson, or follow a set course.

The maximum number of students in a group lesson is 6.

A Typical Lesson


We will start with a phonics warm-up to get used to speaking English.


Every lesson needs vocabulary and after the start we will explore the subjects, nouns, adjectives or verbs needed for the lesson.

Learning Point

This is where the learning point of the lesson will be explored using our unique system of chunking language.


With structured examples and exercises, we will explore the learning point.

These exercises will be either listening or reading focused.

Speaking and 'expanding'

The last exercise will be practice the learning point by speaking to your teacher and other students. We will also expand on the sentences using our unique grammar 'chunks'. 

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