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How did become a footballer?

Interviewer: Thank you for interviewing with me today.
Luis: Happy to be here.
Interviewer: Tell us about how you started in football.
Luis: Well, when I was 3-years-old my mum bought me a little football and I used to kick it around the garden. From then I never stopped.
Interviewer: When did you move to London?
Luis: I grew-up in Brazil but my family moved to London when I was 13-years-old.
Interviewer: Was it hard to adjust?
Luis: Yes, I used to speak Portuguese but now I must speak English every day. But I always had football.
Interviewer: When did you join Arsenal?
Luis: Arsenal spotted me when I was playing for my school and I joined them when I was 15.
Interviewer: What do you miss about Brazil?
Luis: When it's winter in London, I miss the hot weather and lovely beaches.


When did Luis first kick a football?


When he was 3-years-old.

When did Luis move to London?


When he was 13.

What was hard about moving to London?


Speaking English.

What does Luis miss about Brazil?


The beaches.

What are the adjectives Luis uses in the last sentence?


Hot and lovely (hot weather and lovely beaches).

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