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Future continuous

Una: Hi Vivian,
Vivian: Hi Una, are you okay?
Una: Yes, thank you. How are you?
Vivian: I'm okay thanks.
Una: When am I going to see you this week?
Vivian: It's going to be difficult to see you this week. On Monday, I will be working late. On Tuesday, I'll be playing football. On Wednesday, I'll be seeing David at the pub.
Una: What will you be doing on Thursday?
Vivian: I don't know what I'll be doing on Thursday. On Friday, I should be working late but I'll be going to the pub with every one after work.
Una: Maybe we can meet on Thursday?
Vivian: I'll be tired on Thursday. Maybe Saturday?
Una: Yeah, let's go for then.


What is the continuous verb used for the activity on Monday?



What is the continuous verb used for the activity on Wednesday?



What is Vivian doing on Friday?


Going to the pub after work.

When are Una and Vivian meeting?


They're meeting on Saturday.

What grammar is being used here: "I'll be tired on Thursday".


Future simple.

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